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Innovative Leadership Development

The ability to inspire, empower, and guide others is essential for achieving organizational goals and driving positive change. 

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Integrating Personal Growth with Interactive, Experiential Learning

"If you want your audience to leave changed, I suggest you  book Natalie Fikes to speak at your next event."

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(From My Upcoming Book: Available August 18, 2024)
"Discover strategies to instill values, inspire growth, and foster resilience in those under your guidance, cultivating a nurturing environment grounded in faith and purpose."
Chapter 7: Faith in Leadership

Equip your leaders with the tools 
needed to empower their teams.

Whether you're a business leader, HR professional, or team member looking for strategies for boosting morale, promoting innovation, and cultivating a culture of empowering employees and inspiring them to reach new heights of achievement within your organization, Natalie Fikes provides a revolutionary approach to leadership that will energize, motivate, and propel your organization towards unparalleled success.



“ If you are lucky enough to hear Natalie speak, you will leave feeling awake, motivated, and inspired. Let this serve as my unequivocal recommendation for Natalie and her ability to make any event a home run.”

Eric Schlotzhauer, Vice President, Commercial Banking

Delve into the transformative power of

energizing your workforce.

Whether addressing a specific industry or delivering a universal message, Natalie's ability to connect with her audience is incomparable. Drawing from her rich experiences, Natalie weaves together powerful stories, anecdotes, and humor to inspire and empower her listeners. Through her engaging delivery, she instigates behavior change and sparks tangible improvements in business outcomes.

Aryel Achee, RDH, BS

“If you want to reach your audience in a compassionate way, if you want your audience to leave changed, I suggest you book Natalie Fikes to speak at your event! I promise you won’t regret the decision!.”

Foster a dynamic and enthusiastic work environment

With a sterling reputation in the field of leadership and organizational development, Natalie's message resonates deeply, inspiring individuals and organizations alike to take action and achieve their goals. Her proven track record includes remarkable achievements, such as:


  • Increasing closing rates for underperforming sales reps by 44%, and a notable 51% improvement in customer satisfaction within a mere 3 months

  • Improving membership and engagement for an international association by an impressive 63% in just 6 months.

Leveraging her expertise of creating Resistance Proof™ organizations, she expertly navigates diverse industries, offering tailored insights and strategies.

“Natalie spoke in front of our 200 chapter leaders at our annual conference this year and delivered the most high energy key note presentation we have ever had. Her talk set the tone for the entire conference. She was quick to adapt her presentation, incorporating comments she heard our CEO make regarding our company’s strategic goals (moments before Natalie walked on stage), making her delivery even more engaging and valuable. We received nothing but praise and positive comments regarding Natalie and her presentation.

Our chapter leaders were often heard saying “You are necessary” for the rest of the conference!.”

Lisa McBride, Product Manager

Natalie's impact extends far beyond the stage.

Beyond her accolades, Natalie embodies excellence as an exemplar. Her commitment to service extends to her local community, where she has been featured on CBS46 for her mentorship initiatives with homeless women. In 2013, she founded a community youth organization, earning White House recognition for outstanding community service.

"You were exactly what the team needed. After you left, the open and vulnerable conversations continued. We all learned about the struggle of many of the team members and what can deter or challenge us to get to our end goal. It made us closer as a team and reenergized us for what's to come. You smile, transparency, and energy were contagious. Thank you for your inspiration.
It was a pleasure having you join us."

Sasha Ellis, Communications Lead, NASA

Unleash The Full Potential of your workforce

Where individuals are motivated to push boundaries, overcome obstacles, and unleash their full potential.

Recognized as one of John Maxwell's top 100 leaders and hailed as the “Best Speaker of Today” by the Northstar Meetings Group, Natalie commands respect and trust from clients worldwide. Her clients inherently trust her expertise, knowing that she consistently delivers exceptional results.

With Natalie, you not only gain a distinguished speaker and consultant but also a trusted partner dedicated to driving meaningful change and breakthrough success.

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